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Sassy Auto Frames started in 2008. Owner and operator, Sarah began making
"bling" (rhinestoned) license plate frames for fun.  She realized that many women love the look and appreciate anything with a little bling,especially for their cars! When you think of the time we all spend in our vehicles (and the time other drivers spend behind your car staring at your back plates) it is fun to have something like a sparkley Sassy Auto Frame to make you stand out from the crowd! People love their cars and express themselves with what they drive and the stickers and accessories theyput on them. 

And as with anything else, it is always nice when someone else spends the time doing the research and makes it for you!  Sassy Auto Frames has continued to grow over the years as the popularity of "bling" booms. While others try to replicate, and even copy us, there is only one orignal Sassy Auto Frames with affordable and high quality license plate frames! We tribute our growth to our returning customers and word-of-mouth testimonials. We have sold thousands of bling license plate frames to happy, sassy customers over the years! Thank you!

The majority of our products are handmade by "trendy" women for "trendy" women who love to show off their "sassy side". We specialize in rhinestone car/truck and motorcycle license plate frames. We also carry blinged car decals and matching screw cap covers and now steering wheel covers!  With the best prices and customer service around so you can't go wrong choosing Sassy Auto Frames!  If you don't see what you want, email us and we can probly make it!  So whether you drive a convertible, mini-van or Harley, you can be the envy of the road! C'mon, let us "glam up your ride!". 


From 2011 Grammy Award winning Jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater:  

"I received my license frame & absolutely love it. It is discreet, classy, just what I'd hoped for. Thank you so much. Bravo!" Blessings, Dee Dee Bridgewater DDB Productions & Records



"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
Coco Chanel (fashion designer)

 Email SassyAutoFrames@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Sassy Auto Frames

PO BOX 74725

Phoenix, Arizona 85087

Business Hours Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM (MST)


From Sarah, the Owner/Operator of SAF:

What's in the name "SASSY"?

I have noticed competitors using my word "sassy" to describe their products.  It's funny they would do that since my company name originated from my persian cat "Sassy". 


As a little girl I always wanted a Persian cat named "Sassy" after seeing the movie "Homeward Bound". In college my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) bought me a kitten for Christmas.  She was my little buddy and went everywhere with me.  She was my co-pilot in the passenger seat during my road trips to Phoenix from NAU.  She was there in my first apartment alone as a graduate trying to make it in the world. She was there for when I got married and my first child being born (well not in the hospital  but you get the point).  Anyone with pets knows that they become a part of your family.

In the picture above I entered her into a pet photo contest and thought she looked so funny with angel wings on especially with her "look" on her face.  She always made me smile.  Her name fit her personality.  Even though she has passed away her legacy and attitude lives on in my company. Plus, I think "SASSY" is a super fun way to describe my products and my customers that buy them! So when you see "Sassy" associated with bling license plate frames, think of the original, Sassy Auto Frames and think of my sweet Calico Persian ;)



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